Agency Development & Rube Goldberg

I have been developing a 5 days long workshop for adult learners since 2012. The design of the workshop aims to provide hands on learning experience for learners in computational thinking by using micro-controller robotic device which designed for users to expose to basic idea of programming and computational thinking. (GoGo Board by Dr.Arnan Sipitakiat and Dr.Paulo Blikstein)  I also integrated some dialogue atmosphere and some basic tools of learning and team learning through out the process, for instance, debugging process, perspectives on team and different kinds of leaderships, and basic knowledge about learning curve which all were experienced through the main challenge and assignment of the workshop week “Design your group’s Rube Goldberg”.

Many learners found this workshop empowering and making them realize their learning capability. We’ve found learners who said “This is very hard.” or “I’m stressful and not sure if I can make it.” on the first two days, finally boost their self-confidence up by the 4th and the 5th day of the workshop by saying “I think I can do anything.” or “I’m not just a nurse.” (The workshop participant is the nurse by training and that was her first time working on robotics and invention project.)

I’ve found this workshop design is a good learning environment simulation to many learners related to the 5th Disciplines of Organization Learning, Peter Senge. I’m in process of connecting that piece and documenting about it.


This is the video clip of the Expo day of the workshop.


Information about GoGo board: