Compassionate and Systems Awareness Framework Practice in Thailand

This is a page of my journey of teaching and practicing Compassionate and Systems Awareness Framework in Thailand since 2021.

All the practice, classes, journals and more on this project since 2021.

Constructionist Facilitators Development Pilot Project. A charity project with Department of Juvenile Observation and Protection during April 0 May 2021 supported by MITTA Social Enterprise, A 6 weeks online class of professional development for teachers and staffs of DJOP from 4 different shelters to learn how to create and design creative learning classroom. It’s a 2 hours per week online session for 13 teachers. We also incorporate meditation, check in and check out as a routine for developing self-awareness among teachers and preparing capacity for teachers to be active listeners who listen from their hearts. We also touched on some basic learning design from learning science perspective combining with creative classroom activities design experiences from DSIL, a constructionist and creative learning school in Thailand.

Thai Constructionists Community Development since 2020


The first online sharing session of Thai Constructionists community. We invited practitioners from 3 educational institutions to share their creative learning experiences and also 3 alumni from those schools to share how such learning had prepared them for real life outside their schools.

Alumni sharing

Our first time Constructionism on Zoom with 61 participants sharing, reflecting and learning together.

Upcoming project

Constructionist Facilitator Development and Introduction to Systems Leadership Certification Program