As Trainer and Workshop Designer to Adult Learners

Current Project:  (2011-2012, 2016- present)

Agency Development Through Robotic Experience

Qualitative Research Workshop : Co-designed with Dr.Deborah Fields
Since 2016

We mixed qualitative research methodology with meditation practice. 🙂
I love working with my sister and mentor, Debbie, and we are continuing doing projects together for developing Thai educators and students in research skills and robotics through soft-circuit tools especially for girls.

As the program manager or organizer

Constructionism 2016 International Conference – conference chair
Since 2016

The first Constructionism International Conference in Thailand and the first time that this conference had being held outside Europe or North America. We brought the work of all sites that applied Constructionism pedagogy since 2001 to present in this event. Thailand has actively developing learning interaction in Thailand which aims to improve quality of life of Thai citizens as the project called productivity improvement by learning. Constructionism has been applied in formal education and informal education. I presented 2 papers during Constructionism 2012 and Constructionism 2014 and finally we got attention from global Constructionism community and got an invitation to host the conference in 2016.

As a designer, I brought the ideas of learning community of Constructionist or makers and Thai arts and culture together. We got quite a positive feedback in terms of organizing the event which the participants enjoyed their time during the conference with Thai arts and hospitality. This conference was being held at Darunsikkhalai School for Innovative Learning or the “constructionist school” in Bangkok. Students, parents and teachers are together hosting the events and attended the conference presentation.

Digital Fabrication in School and Pilot Project of FabLearn Lab in Thailand

I’m interested in digital fabrication in school since 2001 when I first started my journey as a teacher in Constructionism learning pedagogy.  I was assigned to be manager of the first digital fabrication lab in school at DSIL since 2013. We had developed a few version of curriculum and supporting plan for our students and teachers in our school. We have so many people who voluntarily joined us to help during the start. Here are the list of people who initiated this project together with me.

Mr. Sangaroon Jiemsawadi , or Pump. Pump has his background in Industrial Design from KMUTT. Pump is students’ favorite lab facilitator.

Mr.Meechai Junpho, or King. King has his background in Computer Science and Electronics. King has supported many wonderful robotics and programming projects of our students.

Now we are developing a new generation of FabLearn Lab teachers to support our upcoming pilot project in national level.

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Educational Workshops / Camps 

DSIL Fun Fabrication Camp 2017 

Our first open to public digital fabrication camp in April 2017. This camp is the effort of many volunteered students and teachers from DSIL and Dr.Debborah Fields from Utah State University. This camp has 3 small workshops running in parallel and it was the first time introducing “soft circuit” to Thailand.  This camp is the start of our FabLearn Community in Thailand which will be open to all schools and ages of makers.


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r-Ecolab in 2016 – coordinator and fund raising (click link to read news of this project on MIT’s D-Lab websites)

I helped fund raising for this workshops from two different foundations, one in Thailand and one in the US. r-Ecolab is the project of DLab which encouraged graduated students from MIT to run a camp in developing country and facilitate about design processes.
The team consisted of :
Facilitators: Catherine Yunis MIT ’16 and Estefania Lamas-Hernandez Wellesley ‘16.5.
Translator volunteers: Sam Thanapornsangsuth, Kukasina Kubaha, Pornabpan Wongtrakoon, Chompunuch Jarusrose and Amy Pattanasethanon

Projects in schools


FilmMe : Make-Your-Own-Story Home Literacy Experience For Young Children

FilmMe is an open source solution that provides basic story-telling experiences for young children (6-9 years old) and support language practice through play. FilmMe was designed to engage the children in exploring media creation by making their own homemade projector. FilmMe also helps children present their stories in an open-ended fashion, and motivates them to draw, play, write their own picture or stories to share their imagination to the world.

Link to Video

Beyond Bitcoins and Atom (Smart Piggy Bank for Children) 

Finding Banana

Curriculum for FabLab in School 

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