Education & Experiences

Education: (Chronological order)
Certification of Master of Practitioner : Compassionate Systems Master Practitioner (July, 2020)
Center for Systems Awareness (MIT)
(A year long certification program conducted by Dr. Peter Senge and Dr. Mette Boell)

Master Degrees:
Master in Education from Stanford Graduate School of Education (2014-2015) 
Program: Learning, Design and Technology
(Received a scholarship from collaborative project between Stanford University and Suksapattana Foundation in Thailand – MIT Alumni Association in Thailand)

Master in Business and Administration (Executive Program, EMBA 2006) 
Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
(Thai Graduate program collaboration among Chulalongkorn University, the Kellogg School of Management, and The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania)
(Received a scholarship from KMUTT and Bangkok Bank)

Bachelor of Arts:  Journalism and Mass Communication, major of Cinematography and Photography since 1998. Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand


My journey begins as a progressive educator, Constructionism practitioner and facilitator since 2001
2001 – present (2022)

Current positions
Deputy Director of Office of the Director at DSIL
(Darunsikkhalai School for Innovative Learning of King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Bangkok, Thailand)
Co-founder and Managing Director of MITTA Social Enterprise, Co.Ltd.
(Social Enterprise within collaboration between KMUTT, DSIL, MIT Alumni Association in Thailand and Suksapattana Foundation)

History of my early years in education (2001-2010) as a Constructionist facilitator and leader

I am interested in Prof. Seymour Papert’s Constructionism since the beginning of my educational career. I has started off a facilitator, teaching students in age range from 6-15 years old and leading Constructionism project based learning in classrooms during 2001-2006. I was the pioneer group of the teachers starting with the school. As a pioneer teacher, I teach and develop learning pedagogy and model of Constructionism project based learning at DSIL with other fellow teachers. I became a member of leadership team of teachers in 2006 and head of academic affairs in 2010.

I was picked as one of the two teachers who joined the school’s first excursion trip to USA and Canada in 2003. We went to many schools which have done self-directed learning and project based learning in Canada and also several schools in Portland, Maine, which practiced expedition learning or influenced by Constructionism. That was also my first visit to MIT Media Lab in Boston to meet with Prof. Seymour Papert and his team. I had worked with the school’s provost to come up with our first curriculum and other systems with advices and comments by Prof. Papert through video conferences and emails. Unfortunately, in 2006, Prof. Papert’s trip to visit our school was cancelled according to his accident in Vietnam just one day before his arrival in Thailand.

During my term of administering the school, I developed several systems and environment in school that would support Constructionist learning environment which allowed child centered project based learning to grow and flourish. (DSIL first school’s curriculum and evaluation system, Develop digital database and digital learning management system to track student’s individual learning record to support project based learning, Student’s Assessment Systems for PBL, Parents Education Program, Teacher’s development program and Staff’s Evaluation Systems)

Since 2011, my interest of research and professional development started to grow & Scholarship for MA at Stanford University

In 2011, I had decided to continue my practice in research and development and create professional development program for teachers. I am interested in going deeper into several pedagogy and ideologies. During 2013-2014, I was the project manager of establishing the first makerspace in school in Thailand called “DSIL FabLearn Lab”. I had been involved with maker education since then and became a member of the first cohort of FabLearn Fellowship Program (2014).

During 2014-2015, my practice has been strengthen by my experiences and education from Stanford Graduate School of Education (in Learning, Design and Technology Department). In late 2015, as I returned to Thailand, I dig deeper into helping teachers learn to design and explore possibilities of classroom interventions, writing articles as a mechanism of learning and development for teachers, and start to connect schools with international learning communities. I created opportunities and facilitated students and teachers in Thailand to present their projects in international stages and developing collaborative projects with professors and schools outside Thailand (FabLearn Program, MIT D-Lab and Utah State University). This effort helps DSIL to internationalize itself and connect to community outside the country and open opportunity for cross pollination of ideas, cultures and learning experiences. Thai students and teachers received opportunities to present their projects in FabLearn community continuously since 2014 – 2019 and in 2020, DSIL cohosted FabLearn Asia in 2020 in Thailand with Teachers College, Columbia University.

Establishment of Constructionism Network in Thailand since 2019 – Present

While I shifted my role into “Coaching” new generation of teachers to create their classrooms, I created a platform for Thai Constructionists to connect and work together closely. I proposed idea of annual gathering and organize “Thailand Constructionism Forum” since 2018. I help facilitating the community and being a part of creating sustainable Constructionism network in Thailand. I was one of the co-founder of MITTA Social Enterprise, Co.Ltd. (2020) (MITTA – MIT Thailand’s Alumni) and became the first managing director of this social enterprise. MITTA aims to provide a long term profitable platform for scaling up Constructionist learning experience in Thailand, i.e., wider group of students in Thailand will be expose to Constructionism project based learning. We try to commercialize this experience to high income market and also developing courses for corporate (adult learners). Profits of the company will allow MITTA to reach out to underprivileged students and teachers and bringing creative learning environment to inspire teachers to co-create creative learning for his/her students in rural areas.

I hope to see this initiative grow as a self-sustaining institution for the development of this community in the long term.

Research papers and articles that I wrote or co-wrote.

Internship Experiences
1. Research Trainee at Stanford Transformative Learning Technology Laboratory (TLTL)
2. Research Assistant (Focusing in conducting qualitative research) at Stanford Transformative Learning Technology Laboratory (TLTL)
3. Research Assistant (Focusing in ethnography and qualitative data processing and coding)
at Stanford Transformative Learning Technology Laboratory (TLTL)
4. Workshop Designer and Coordinator (Teacher Training Workshop Design, Coordination between TLTL and FabLab@School in Thailand)

Graduate School of Education Courses
Qualitative Research Methodology
Introduction to Teaching
Technology for Learners
Curriculum Construction
Beyond Bits and Atoms (Designing Technology Tools)
Cognitive Development in Children and Adolescent
Learning in Formal and Informal Environments (Ethnography Research)
Directed Reading : Learning Mechanics

Final Project
FilmMe (A Study and Developing a Tool for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Literacy Development)

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