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Presented in FabLearn 2019  (Flagship in NYC) 2 articles (Educator Panel)

What Do Teachers Need to Become a Maker Teacher?

Privileged Maker Education in Underprivileged Community

Presented in FabLearn Asia 2020 (Thailand)  (Educator Panel)
What Do Parents Learn from Maker Education_Nalin83

Older works:

Full papers

Samba School of the 21st Century: Learning in the Break Dance Community in Bangkok. Full Paper (Author) for Constructionism 2016

I spent a year exploring my interest in dancing. I got into a break dance community and Bangkok. This community gave me opportunity to observe and learn about informal learning environment. I had been involved in this community as a new comer dancer and I learned break dancing from informal learning resource. This paper was done as my first ethnography research during my time at Stanford. I had interviewed a dancer in depth and analyze the video clips and from my field notes to unveil how learning occur in dancers’ community in Bangkok to understand the structure of unstructured learning environment.

I presented this paper in Constructionism 2016 Conference in Thailand in February 2016. I was a conference designer and main organizer. We presented the work in Thailand to Constructionism community and also Thai arts and cultures both at the conference venue which is at Darunsikkhalai School for Innovative Learning and a trip to Chiangmai and Lampang for Constructionism sites visit.

Link to pdf file : learning-in-break-dance-community-_constructionism-2016-paper-46

Samba School of the 21st Century : Learning in the Break Dance Community in Bangkok (proceedings)

Constructionism in Thailand and its Transformative Effect on the Lifelong Learning Process
Full Paper (co-author) for Constructionism 2014

As a part of a progressive school in Thailand since 2001, I was a part of this paper and presented this at Constructionism 2014 in Vienna, Austria. We presented 3 different application of Constructionism pedagogy in Thailand in 3 different learning environment such as in school, farmers community and in employees’ training programs. This paper got attention from Constructionist Academia since Thailand has been putting Construcitonism into practice since 2001. The conference committee requested Thailand to be the host of the Constructionism 2016.

Link to paper: “Constructionism in Thailand and its Transformative Effect on the Lifelong Learning Process

Growing Under Pressure: A Thai School Learning How to Prosper While Being Different
Full paper (co-author) for Constructionism 2012

This is the first paper about Darunsikkhalai School for Innovative Learning (DSIL) that’s been published in international conference. I presented this paper for the author Dr.Arnan Sipitakiat, Chiangmai University, in Constructionism Conference 2012 in Athen, Greece.

This paper informed the ideology and practice of DSIL since 2001 and also presented the academic structure and its learning result which is comparable to traditional schools while students can pursue their project of interests.

Link to  paper: growing-under-pressure




How to handle multiple projects in classroom.
How to handle multiple projects in classroom. I observed class and co-authored with Ittichai Rattanatavorn and presented this paper at Educator’s roundtable in FabLearn Conference 2016.

Link to this article : DSIL FILA: The Orchestration of Multiple Projects in Project Based Learning Classroom


FabLab and Its Learning Dynamic”   
Understanding Learning Environment Course ( My paper in Prof.Shelley Goldman’s class at Stanford.)

I am interested in observing learning interactions especially in informal learning environment. In this class that I took at Stanford, I chose to observe learning interactions in FabLab. I wrote about the dynamic of the classroom both how the teachers laid out the settings and also how the students interacted with each other and learning resources in FabLab. Thanks to Angi Chau and Heather Pang for your support to this visit at Castilleja School in Palo Alto, California, USA.

Link to this article: learning-environment-in-maker-final-version-by-tt
Learning in Break Dance Community in Bangkok”
Informal Learning Ethnography Research Paper (The article I wrote for Prof.Bridget Barron’s class at Stanford.)

This article was developed into full paper and has been published in Constructionism 2016 conference. You can find the link to this paper on top of this page.

Submission91_What do teachers need to become a maker teacher
Educator Panel Presentation at FabLearn 2019, Columbia University

Submission92_Maker education for underprivileged community
Educator Panel Presentation at FabLearn 2019, Columbia University



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